JHDPCB provides PCBs from simple to complex. We can produce PCB boards of various materials (aluminum substrate, copper substrate, FR4, halogen-free board, high TG, CEM1&3, high frequency board, etc.), manufacturing process, and surface treatment. Our PCBs are used in different industries – communications, medical, consumer electronics, military, industrial control, LED lighting, security, automotive, smart furniture, power supplies.

Why choose JHDPCB?

  • Real PCB and PCBA manufacturers;
  • Meet industry certification and production standards;
  • 99% delivery on time;
  • 10+ years of industry experience;
  • 150+ experienced R&D team;
  • 5000+ orders/day;

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Provide quality service for your PCB project. Tel: +86 755 2753 9533; Mail: sales@jhdpcb.com;