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Our goal is to be the top 5 PCB manufacturers in China. Thanks to the ten-year fabrication experience and know-how of its staff , JHDPCB has been providing customers with high-quality PCBs. Our professional customer service team provides 7×24 hours one-stop PCB manufacturing service for your PCB needs, from prototype PCB to all types of PCB. Please contact us and send your Gerber file along with your request for material and quantity, and we will give you a good quotation shortly. Get a quick quote entry.
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From small batches to large batches, different types of PCBs to multi-variety assembly, we will take advantage of our automated high-end precision equipment and ingenuity to help all customers solve PCB needs. All production processes are IPC Class 2 & 3 compliant and ISO 9001:2015 certified. A complete quality control system and 100% PCB testing program will ensure that every order you entrust is completed perfectl

JHDPCB knows that an efficient and powerful PCB production line is inseparable from many reliable precision equipment. Therefore, while strengthening the education of team members, we are not stingy in equipment and continue to introduce top-level high-precision equipment.

The world's leading production equipment produces top-quality PCBs

Parts of our equipment list as follows:

JHD Rigid PCB Production Lines and Equipment:

JHD Flexible PCB Production Line:


Our experienced team of experts can produce your PCB without error.

Large-scale production reduces costs and provides you with cost-effective PCB

We constantly update production technology to improve production efficiency,and ultimately reduce costs. Our goal is to produce high-quality PCB with lower price by large-scale production.

Three production bases, using geographical and talent advantages to produce a full range of PCBS.

jhdpcb Production-base

Since 2009, JHDPCB’s complete process system has provided our customers with excellent turnaround time and high quality PCBs. We are a circuit board manufacturer in China with mature production technology and professional and responsible attitude. Our customer service team and engineers have extensive experience in the electronics field. JHD has the ability to produce excellent products, such as single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer and HDI PCB and high TG, high frequency PCB and other special materials and crafts products.

How JHD can help you

JHD Manufacturing Advantage

JHDPCB provides one-stop PCB manufacturing and assembly services. Our turnkey PCB assembly services strictly enforce IPC-A-600 acceptance criteria. and IPC-A-610/620 component procurement standards.
Supports SMT, BGA and through-hole assembly processes.

JHD can provide quick turn prototype boards and small to medium volume board production to your specifications.
We provide high-density cardboard boxes and anti-static + moisture-proof + vibration-proof packaging for packaging. Our main delivery channels are DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and other international shipping services.

JHD has standardized factory processes and management. All links follow ISO9001 management standards.
IPC standards are strictly implemented from raw material procurement to design, production and assembly. Every step of the manufacturing process is ROHS and REACH compliant.

JHDPCB provides new user ordering services in various forms of instant online quotation, corporate mail and website forms.
Each customer is equipped with a 1-to-1 customer service specialist to handle production and after-sales problems for you. Extensive experience and knowledge of market trends guarantee the quality of our services.

Adhering to a good product requires good equipment.
Continuously introducing and improving production equipment is committed to achieving higher quality and high precision PCB production. High-investment national-level laboratories meet various special PCB tests.

We strictly carry out various PCB tests to ensure that the products sent out can be used perfectly.
Such as: Visual inspection, AOI, ICT, FPT, AXI, environmental) testing, FCT, Boundary-scan testing methods. Our engineers will give you the best matching detection method according to your design.

Digital Management

We believe that the future manufacturing industry will be refined and digitally managed.
Digital management improves product quality controllability, traceability and standardized specifications.

Intelligently improve enterprise management and digital management of production lines.

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